History of Andona

On March 31, 1952, the Andona Society was founded as a  manifestation of the desire of its charter members, Mesdames David  Burns, Suzanne Hill, Guy B. Howe, Jr., Warren Lewis, L. Gleynn Yeaton,  Jr. to create a charitable organization in the town of Andover.  The  name Andona was chosen as a combination of the name Andover with the  Latin verb “to give.”  Mrs. Guy B. Howe, Jr. was the first president.

One of the first recipients of Andona’s charitable endeavors was the  Andover Home for Aged People.  The members visited patients, remembered  them with cards and cakes on special occasions, and later purchased a  washing machine, television set, and other equipment for the Home. At this time, the fund raising events of the organization included  square dances, fashion shows, bazaars, bakery sales and plays. As the club grew in membership and the treasury increased, additional  contributions were made by Andona to the Andover Visiting Nurse  Association and Andover Red Cross.  In addition, the group sponsored  deserving boys and girls at local Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps.

For over fifty years, this volunteer, non-profit organization has raised  thousands of dollars from the generous local businesses and residents  of the Andover community.  These funds have been distributed to enhance  educational, athletic and cultural enrichment programs offered to young  people in Andover.

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