Clown town 2020


Due to COVID-19 Clown Town is postponed until October 16-17, 2020.  

virtual Clown town May 15-16

Clown Town is postponed, but all the FUN and memories it brings each spring doesn't have to be. For over 60 years, Andover families have enjoyed the Andover tradition of the Clown Town family festival on the third weekend in May. We put together some ways your family can keep the tradition alive all month long and you'll have a chance to win Clown Town prizes. 

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How we got started

It all began In the spring of 1952 when a group of Andover women came together to form The Andona Society with the spirit of giving to varied causes in greater Andover. Since then, Andona has raised over one million dollars for Andover families.

What we do

Andona got it's name by combining "An" for Andover with "Dona" which is the latin word for give. We are a non-profit organization made up of volunteers with the purpose of raising money to support Andover youth through grants, scholarships, camperships.