Every spring, thousands of children throughout Merrimack Valley start  asking their parents, “When is Clown Town?” Clown Town has been an Andover tradition for over sixty years. What began as a little fair has expanded into a two-day fun-filled event. Whether you’d like to come for an hour, or the whole day, there is something for everyone! Clown Town is Andona’s largest fundraiser of the year. Your support at Clown Town helps us to provide funds for programs for Andover's youth. We typically raise $35,000 at Clown Town. All proceeds go back to the children of our wonderful community.  

Questions? Please email clowntown@andona.org

Clown Town of Andover


May 17 & 18, 2019 at Central Park in Downtown Andover

Thank you to our 2018 BIG TOP SPONSORS: Pike School, Lannan Mazda, Primrose School of Andover and Stop & Shop!


Clown Town takes place at Central Park in Andover, at the Corner of Bartlet and Chestnut Street

1 Whittier Street

Andover, Massachusetts


Friday, May 17, 2019 (6pm to 10pm)

Saturday, May 18, 2019 (10am to 4pm)

Friday night we’ll have rides, carnival games, hair glitter, candy/snacks, and a DJ. 

Clown Town opens at 10am on Saturday and along with the rides and carnival games we’ll have face painting, hair glitter, sand art/crafts, toddler/preschool games, slush, candy, coffee, pizza and more. The rides and carnival games will stay open until 8pm on Saturday, but everything else will close at 4pm, so come early!

Rides & Tickets

We will have approximately 15 rides. The majority of which are suitable for smaller children.  Tickets will be sold for $1 each. Generally big kid rides require 4-5 tickets and kiddie rides require 3 tickets. Tickets are sold as single tickets or packs of 20, 36 & 60. Games, bungee  jump ($7) and food are cash only.

  • Ride tickets may be purchased prior to the event in person at Central Park on Thursday, May 16, 4pm-7pm


Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship slots are available for 2019. This event is a great way to reach the Andover community by targeted advertising to hundreds of local families.


If you have any questions about making a donation or Clown Town sponsorship, please feel free to contact  waysandmeans@andona.org

Donations in any amount are also welcome and appreciated.  

Find out more

Clown Town Coloring Page

Andona's Clowntown Coloring Page 2018 (pdf)


Why Our Community Loves Clown Town

Lenard Z : Autism Eats

"I took my 13 year old son to Clown Town this year as I do every year. It is a favorite activity and we always have fun! My son has autism. Some people can tell and others cannot.

The ride operators could not have been more caring and helpful. He was  brought to the front of lines when extended waits were becoming  problematic. He was given extra time to get situated on rides when he was apprehensive and patiently helped off after they concluded. And in  every situation we were treated with respect!

You had a great carnival crew this year and I appreciate it!  Well done!"

Johanna Buoncontri: Andover Mums

"Clowntown is a beloved community event in Andover. Clowntown began as a  small fair over 60 years ago in 1956 and now spans over 2 days in  downtown Andover. Started by ANDONA as a fundraiser to support Andover’s  youth, Andona’s name derives from AN: “Andover” and DONA: latin for  “give”. ANDONA has created it’s own sense of community amongst it’s  members who dress in cute clown attire while managing the event - after  many months of planning."  Read more... https://www.andovermums.com/blog/2018/5/31/clowntown-an-andover-tradition